2016 Moment: The Importance of Loving Growth in Doses

Many of us exist in a realm of self-mutilation via the words we say to ourselves. We are, without a doubt, hard on ourselves beyond reason—harder than random internet strangers will ever think we are. Case in point, I have three blogs I wanted to get done today, in addition to doing minion’s hair, cooking,Continue reading “2016 Moment: The Importance of Loving Growth in Doses”

Lifestyles of the Kinky & Free

Let me first preface this by saying that nothing I’m saying is meant as a judgment to those who live any of the lifestyles that I came across this weekend. Observations only. Most of my experiences were not really the shock to my system that I expected, but that may be because I attended expectingContinue reading “Lifestyles of the Kinky & Free”